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Australian Web Industry Association

Edge of the Web is a conference for web devs, digital agency execs, creatives, entrepreneurs and futurists with a focus on outsourcing, design thinking, ethics and profitable collaboration


The following speakers are wanted for subverting existing paradigms.

About John Allsopp

Co-founder of the Web Directions conference series, author of one of the earliest books on Microformats, head developer of the leading cross platform CSS tool Style Master, developer and publisher of renowned training courses and learning resources on CSS and standards-based development, author of the hugely influential "Dao of Web Design"; he's an international figure and a hero in Australia's web history.

But during 15 years of web development, evangelism, writing and entrepreunism, he's never spoken at a conference in Perth. So don't miss him.

John has a young family and he's a surf lifesaver at Bondi Beach. He's probably good at that too.

The once and future web

Over two decades, the web has passed through two epochs, each heavily informed by technologies and practices that came before.

The "Pre-Cambrian" age was the web of pages; design practices informed by traditions of print. Developers were creating "interactive paper."

Over time we learned to distinguish where the legacies of print design helped and where they held us back.

This era continues, but a second is upon us. The age of apps, described by Scott Jensen as "Jurassic". Just as print informed our design of web pages, the decades-long history of developing apps weighs heavily on the web applications we are building today.

And just as web designers and developers needed to learn to discard parts of the tradition of print, we need to learn to discard parts of the tradition of apps. Only then will the web find its true self.

What might this more "pure" web look like for users? For developers? For designers? What technologies will we need to build it? Can we start building it now?

In this presentation John will outline what he believes are the foundational principles of this web, and look at existing and emerging technologies available to build the once and future web.

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John Allsopp photo
For inventing the term Web 2.0
He's apologised for it, but still.

About Ryan Holiday

Ryan is a media strategist for notorious clients such as Tucker Max & Dov Charney. After dropping out of college at 19 to apprentice under the strategist Robert Greene, he went on to advise many bestselling authors & multi-platinum musicians. His work in advertising & marketing at American Apparel is internationally known. His strategies are used as case studies by Twitter, YouTube and Google & have been written about in AdAge, the New York Times, Gawker & Fast Company.

Trust Me, I'm Lying

Ryan's recent book, Trust Me I'm Lying: Confessions of a Media Manipulator, is a Wall Street Journal bestseller.

It's described as 'a playbook for the dark arts of exploiting the media' and was reviewed by the Financial Times as 'an astonishing, disturbing book'. Ryan talks openly about how he manipulated the best known blogs in the world to generate publicity and why it's all going to hell in a hand-basket. His blog talks about dealing with assholes, self-awareness, humility, philosophy and strategy.

And his day job is Marketing Director at fashion juggernaut, American Apparel, where he's created lots and lots of free publicity.

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Ryan Holiday
For a long list of offences against the public good

About Troy Dean

Troy Dean is an online marketer, coach & consultant. He is also a web developer & co-founder of the WordPress video tutorial plugin Video User Manuals. He is passionate about measuring return on investment and delivering practical benefits to businesses. Troy lectures in E-Business at JMC Academy & is a regular contributor to Flying Solo - Australia's largest small business website.

Science: meet social media

In this workshop you'll learn how to measure your ROI in social media marketing and you'll develop a business process to attract high quality leads from social media.

You'll learn how to measure social media effectiveness and you'll have a framework you can offer your own clients.

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Troy Dean
For mentioning scientific method and social media in the one breath

Troy's Presentation

About Samantha Thebridge

Samantha has been designing complex web apps since 1998. She's been an interaction & visual interface designer for online booking systems & shopping sites for Qantas, Panasonic, Telstra, YHA & BigPond, for companies like Red Square, Boomworks, Atlassian & now Westpac. Samantha's passion is enabling development teams both client-side & agency-side to take a more active role in the design process.

The Art of Letting Go: Developers CAN design

The volume of recruiters calling for designers points to the serious shortage of good designers. What we have as a result is a major imbalance in the composition of development teams. There are simply not enough designers to go around. The biggest favour you can do for yourself and your clients is to become an art director and have your developers bear some of the design load.

In this workshop, Samantha will take you through the various processes and techniques she has used that have created passionate and capable designers from the most unlikely candidates. We'll talk about methods that are appropriate to your own needs, whether you're a sole trader, client-side, agency-side; from startups to enterprise scale.

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Samantha Thebridge
For contaminating the design industry with heathen developers

About Peter Webb

Mathematician and programmer, Peter is original, insightful and off-the-chart irreverent. He was offered the job of Australia's first product manager for Sun Microsystems but turned it down, saying 'mate; dinky little computer companies like this are popping up all over the place.' Peter regards the web as a passing fad and web development as pretend programming. Everybody in Sydney IT has a Peter Webb story. They are all true.

The Android Market Experience

Peter's Mandala Live Wallpaper is a delight, and one of Android's highest rated.

He developed it from scratch and markets it with a freemium model. He'll discuss his attempts to "game" the Android rating system.

He'll talk about the culture and ecosystem of Android development, how user information affected the product's design, and the impact of operating in a global market. What Peter is easily able to discover about his users will surprise and even shock you.

He'll discuss the new software oligopoly and speculate about the future of phone and tablet programming.

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Peter Webb
For a general lack of respect

About Jo Lim

Jo Lim is Chief Operations and Policy Officer of .au Domain Administration Ltd (auDA), the industry self-regulatory body for the .au domain space.

She's been a ministerial adviser and has worked on online content regulation and government electronic service delivery. She was also involved in drafting the Telecommunications Act 1997, to facilitate open competition in the Australian telecommunications market.

Anyone for .tennis?

2013 will see significant changes in the domain name space, including a slew of new top level domains. Jo will explain how this will impact Australian web industry professionals and their clients.

.au domain name resellers will want to hear about upcoming reforms to the regulations that affect them.

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Jo Lim
For charging more than .coms

Jo's Presentation

About Miles Burke

Miles Burke: author, speaker & the MD of Bam Creative, a Perth-based digital agency. He is also overly opinionated & cares excessively about making the web industry better. He is known for his dislike of design contests, free pitching & outsourcing. He spends way too much time on social media, not enough time watching Star Wars & just enough time preparing for his talk at EOTW.

The NO Case: outsourcing is your ticket to unemployment

Design contests. Free pitching. Outsourcing. Three evils hurting our industry and our clients. We may not see it coming, but we're destined for the dole queue. Let's hope they raise the benefit by $50 a week.

Miles will talk or rather, rant, about the outsourcing cost/benefit: short-term cashflow gains that hurt us all in the longer term. This program contains coarse language and viewer discretion is advised.

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Miles Burke
For Contrarianism

About Zoe Cowan

When Zoe returned to Perth after working in the UK, she lectured in Certificate III and IV in Fitness & Certificate IV in Sport. In 2012 she moved to traineeships and has helped develop & implement the new training package in Sport. Zoe is also responsible for the assessment of trainees. In this role she's applied her interest in science and technology to research work, learning and staff engagement, particularly as it applies to Gen Y & Z.

Getting the bastards out of bed

Stressed out, depressed, unmotivated, easily distracted under 30s. Lazy, surgically attached to a mobile, can't handle customer complaints, job-hopping and always asking "why do I have to".

Sound familiar?

Let's talk about what works. Do you throw them in the deep end? Are you flexible with their work hours? Do you ask their opinion? Give them personal attention? Do you let them tweet in work time?

This seminar explains the changes in generation X, Y, Z and AO and focuses on how employers can use simple technology (Yes! Technology!) to improve productivity and retain staff.

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Zoe Cowan
For collaborating with youth

Zoe's Presentation

About Keith Critchett

Keith's a lecturer in PR, project management, marketing, business management & leadership at the Central Institute of Technology & the Innovative Practice Mentor. He uses use social media in the classroom as a learning tool and has been awarded for innovation & leadership in e-learning. Researching, networking & collaborating with industry & students are his principal interests.

Actual successes in social media

Yes, they exist and Keith's been heavily involved in a number of them. They include PR campaigns and shifts in pedagogy. Social media can be social learning - and can be highly engaging. Important along the way is how you set the parameters and manage things like online etiquette.

These case studies have particular application for the educational sector but the principles apply for audience engagement more broadly.

Join the fun, explore new ideas and kiss goodbye some myths and legends.

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Keith Critchett
For calling himself a Social Media Expert

About Chris Lienert

Chris Lienert leads the in-house web team for insurance broker Jardine Lloyd Thompson in Perth. He's inflicted varied pain and suffering on innocent web sites over 15 years and is also responsible for unleashing the web forms library Quaid-JS.

Aside from musical distractions and earning frequent flyer points, Chris and his wife Sarah can often be found in the company of their very small human.

Web forms that people don't hate

There's nothing worse than trying to fill out a form on the web only to find a site error won't let you submit it. Given that web forms are the fundamental way of providing data interaction on the web, it's critically important that your forms are easy to use and work every time.

Chris Lienert has been complaining about web forms for over 11 years. In this session, he will show you how to build robust and user-friendly web forms.

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Chris Lienert
For making it hard to complain about forms

Chris' Presentation

About Isaak Dury

Isaak launched the popular MorningStartup community in Perth. He's raised capital, is growing his own startup - called TidyClub - & he supports budding entrepreneurs at many events, including Startup Weekend.

Starting up the startup scene

Startup Weekend, Founder Institute, Morning Startups, Spacecubed… suddenly Perth is alive with startup culture. A significant change is occuring in the amount of structure around Perth entrepreneurship.

The week after Startup Weekend we hear from people who've participated and we review the scene with some of its most lively actors. Isaak will moderate and you'll also hear from these panelists:

  • Claire Robertson from Founder Institute
  • Justin Davies from digital strategy consultancy Emergination
  • Rohan McDougall from OzApps
  • Marcus Holmes, Gentleman Technologist and participant in both Perth Startup Weekends.

Got an idea? This session will help you pinpoint what support structure will suit you best.

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Isaak Dury
For Altruism

About Christian Frichot

Known to have worked in the banking industry, Christian is a founding partner of Asterisk Information Security. He is attempting to bridge the gap between application developers & security people. Christian stands accused of actively participating in open source software development, particularly visualisation, data analysis, Ruby on Rails & security automation. He's worked over the past two years in module development, core testing, architecture, PR & as Vice President in Charge of Volcanoes.

BeEF: The Browser Exploitation Framework

Developing web apps? Working in Javascript? Ever wondered why security folk get pent up over cross-site scripting flaws?

Let me introduce you to BeEF, the Browser Exploitation Framework. From simple beginnings as a set of PHP scripts, the modern day BeEF tool is a full Rack-based Ruby application designed to hook victim browsers, and a platform to perform arbitrary actions within the context of the hook. This presentation provides a high level demonstration of BeEF, and walks you through some examples which will make the hairs stand up on the back of your neck.

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Christian Frichot
For his role in the Global Financial Crisis

Christian's Presentation

About Darcy Laycock

Darcy Laycock (@Sutto) is a bit wrangler from Perth who works days building and consuming APIs for Filter Squad and nights on many, many side projects - most API driven. In 2011 he was one of six people internationally awarded a "Ruby Hero" award, and is known to spend most of his time hacking code.

APIs and the Interconnected Web: the open web, but not as we know it

A deep dive into the big APIs that should make you inspired. You'll see how anyone can use them - and why the next big phase of the web is building on them.

We'll start with how APIs work on the web - and a brief history of their evolution. You'll also learn how the dream of "open" access to data occurred, but not in the way we all hoped for. Next, we'll go deep into what you need to know to build a good API - what bits people usually get wrong - and how you can make other developers openly profess their love and adoration for your API.

Finally, we'll look at the awesome things you can do right now using the plethora of APIs already out there.

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Darcy Laycock
Known member of Filter Squad

Darcy's Presentation

About Bret Treasure

Average height. Right handed. Bret Treasure is not particularly good at anything but he writes a fetching profile. Current Chair of the Australian Web Industry Association. Principal digital strategy guy at Free Beer. The only digital strategy guy at Free Beer.

What Kahneman says about online marketing

You should read Thinking, Fast and Slow, by Daniel Kahneman. It's a book about how humans make decisions so it intersects UX, advertising and marketing.

Kahneman is the only psychologist ever to win the Nobel Prize for Economics. He's been described as the most influential psychologist since Sigmund Freud (Jung gets Bronze).

The book is the Winner of the National Academy of Sciences Best Book Award in 2012 and is very likely to change the way you design web sites.

Bret's going to give you a précis of its relevance, throw in a few of his own thoughts and do some experiments on the audience, which is great, because if he just read out the book it'd be boring.

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Bret Treasure
For stating the obvious

Bret's Presentation

About Gian Wild

Gian suffers under the delusion that accessibility is a unique and complex skill set that should not be corrupted by usability, management, design or development. She's well-known for telling people they are wrong. She did this with the W3C regarding WCAG2. As a result, they kicked her off the group and look at them now!

Having weedled her way back in to the WCAG2 Working Group, she is preparing for another assault. Gian is the Director of one of Australia's leading consultants in the area, Accessibility Oz.


Allies in accessibility

Gian will talk about the unique role third party providers play in the accessibility of Government web sites and applications. Having worked with clients like the City of Melbourne and Museum Victoria on their third party apps (e.g. payment systems and mailing lists), Gian will tell you her preferred approach with these groups.

How do you ensure they take accessibility as seriously as you do?

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Gian Wild
For going on and on about accessibility as if it's really important

About Jane Farrow

Jane Farrow is the Managing Director of Clever Starfish, a digital agency with a team of 13 that love what they do because they do what they love. Starting in advertising and TV production, Jane has had a hand in 14 years of digital content including some large cross-media projects and a heap of award-winners.

For details on Clever Starfish visit or follow @cleverstarfish on Twitter.

What's YOUR strategy?

Because here's ours.

It's a model that's big on flexibility; our team choose their own hours, office location and work conditions. We do that so we don't lose them to the competition.

This talk deconstructs the Clever Starfish approach: the traditional structure of a website/digital agency re-made to suit clients as well as team members.

Jane will discuss the essential elements; hours, choice, tools, documentation, accountability and cake. She'll also touch on collaboration and outsourcing as part of the winning formula.

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Jane Farrow
For saying 'love' too much

About John Bristowe

John enjoys all the meats of our technology stew, hacking everything from angle brackets to .NET. His heart is in modern web standards like HTML5 and CSS3. Once a Microsoft MVP awardee for his work in the developer community on ASP, ASP.NET and the Microsoft Web services stack, now a Developer Evangelist with Telerik.

John has spent many years developing software for BeOS, variants of Linux and UNIX and, of course, Windows. Plus a great deal of time building Web and rich client applications.

His thing is showcasing awesome development tools and platforms. He really wants developers to realize their potential through the solutions they build for the client, phone, web and cloud.

The need for speed

Building a web site today requires more than a good design; it requires a good experience. That's where performance matters most. With the proper guidelines and tools, you can build high performance web sites that improvement the overall experience of your users.

In this session, you'll learn about these guidelines and tools. More important, you'll learn how to apply them.

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John Bristowe
For over-exhuberance

John's Presentation

About Evan Cunningham-Dunlop

Evan Cunningham-Dunlop is the founder of Living Online - providing strategic digital marketing to corporates and government since 2009. He launched Living Media in 2011. It's a performance-based marketing solution for the home building and renovation industry which generated more than $2.5 million worth of projects in Year One.

Prior to SEO, SEM and digital marketing, Evan was a management consultant for Change Corporation, Rio Tinto, and State and Federal Government departments. And before that, a director, producer, and editor with ABC TV, National Geographic, Discovery, and SBS. Evan has an MBA from UWA and was the recipient of the Krasnostein prize for outstanding academic achievement.

Fundamental change in SEO; Carnage & Opportunity

In the last two years of SEO we've witnessed massive upheavals - the Google Panda update in Feb 2011; the Penguin Update in April 2012. Together with less well known (but equally important) brethren, they have reset the terms of Google engagement.

Everyone who cares about traffic and ranking should understand the how, why, and what of these updates.

In this session we'll examine the algorithm changes through case studies, analysis of recovery techniques, Google's motivations, and (for the first time) a discussion of Evan's own success stories. We'll finish with an eye towards the future of SEO. Google Platypus?

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Evan Cunningham-Dunlop
For exceeding the character limit in the surname field

About Will Donovan

Will is a User Experience, web and mobile technology consultant noted for his facilitation skills in ideation workshops. He speaks publicly on usability, innovation strategy and rapid prototyping using design thinking for building better products and services.

He's an organiser of the Melbourne Web Standards Group, Global Service & Sustainability Jams, Creative Innovation conferences and is involved in many other tech and meetup groups. Will has a day job; he's the UX Lead at the award-winning digital strategy agency Igloo.

Design the future

Design the future of the Australian Web Industry.

Experience what it is to strategically think through a problem in a group. How do you harness rapid prototyping and collaboration to build empathy and break through the predictable?

AWIA is starting a conversation about how to design for the benefit of the web community. Find a voice for the industry that speaks to government and the general public. How can we best showcase the activities, skills and talents of web professionals?

Shake off some complacency and join us for a jam: co-create the future of our profession with design thinking.

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Will Donovan
For thinking too much

About Marc Lehmann

Marc is a naturalist and a minimalist; he's a keen surfer and lover of the outdoors, particularly mountain biking and cross-country running.

He founded and self-funded Saasu to create a great value, cloud-based accounting solution for businesses worldwide. His ethos is that businesses should automate as many processes as possible, giving people more time to spend with their families and explore the world.

Prior to Saasu, Marc was a Director of Principal Finance and Credit Trading Risk at Deutsche Bank.

Design-centred accounting

Saasu recently embarked on a significant realignment to bring a more design-centred approach to their business. This process has touched many areas including service, product development and visual identity.

In this talk Saasu's CEO shares his experience of the process to date, from strategic decision to initial deployment, covering:

  • Trends shaping our business, including mobile computing and social engagement
  • The role that values and organisational purpose play in contemporary brand building
  • How business strategy, UX, customer engagement, design and brand interact

Marc will demonstrate how this has been translated by the Saasu team into various aspects of service delivery.

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Marc Lehmann
For making accounting interesting

Marc's Presentation

About Silvio Montanari

I'm a developer and agile coach at Thoughtworks.

Born in Italy, I wrote my first computer program in 1982: a poker-game for a sharp-calculator with a big led display, and no tests. While finishing my studies I started playing with JavaScript, Java applets and dynamic web pages in 1996. Since then, I have worked on applications for companies across Europe, North America, India and Australia.

I joined ThoughtWorks in 2008, where I now focus on code quality and good automated testing. I have worked on several largely UI-heavy applications, promoting the introduction of advanced techniques for front-end code and testing.

Single Page Web Apps

Single page web applications can create dynamic, snappy and responsive user interfaces. Along with the benefits of this approach, however, come the costs: higher complexity.

Writing and running fast, efficient, automated tests across code within a browser environment has long been a challenge for web developers, and with the increased demand for more complex front end applications, it is becoming crucial.

In this talk I describe techniques and libraries to tackle some of these issues, in particular:

  • Test your single page JavaScript web applications using Jasmine, Sinon and Funcunit
  • Decouple your business logic from the DOM using AngularJS to manipulate the UI
  • Organise your code to reflect the responsibilities of the different components within your application.

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Silvio Montanari
For intercontinental javascript indulgence

Silvio's Presentation

About Domenico Bartolo

Dom is an international designer, director and co-founder of 21-19, a design and communications agency based in Melbourne. He's highly awarded in moving image design and brand identity in motion.

He's been the creative driving force behind MTV Brand New, Lifestyle, Smash Hits, Disney XD, Discovery, ABC, Fox Sports, The Comedy Channel and many more.

His branding work for Qantas took out the highest honour – the Pinnacle Award at the Australian Graphic Designer's Association Awards.

In 2011, he co-founded Flutter, an animation house dedicated to transforming illustration into animation.

The collaborative process

"The first thing you learn about entering the world of theatre is that it's a highly collaborative process. It takes a collection of incredibly talented individuals to combine their skills and lend their artistic voices to build something unique. It's this mix - this cocktail of minds that I love because you are never sure what you will get."

Join international design director Domenico Bartolo, as he speaks openly about the creative process and reveals the raw ideas and motivations behind his studio's work.

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Domenico Bartolo photo
For working in Flash

About Justin McLean

Justin McLean has more than 15 years experience developing web-based applications, surviving both the browser wars and the dot-com bubble. He's worked on hundreds of database-driven web sites, mobile applications and desktop applications.

He has a keen interest in the open source hardware movement, in particular Arduino.

He runs his own consulting company Class Software, delivers regular training courses and speaks at conferences around the world.

In his free time he's active in the Apache Flex project and is the release manager for Apache Flex 4.9. He's also writing a book on Android mobile development.

The Internet of Things

CPUs that cost thousands a decade ago are now about ten bucks. The Arduino platform has lowered barriers to entry - people with minimal tech knowledge can create special purpose computers capable of changing the world.

Open Source Hardware is in autonomous drones, 3d printers, DNA replicators, satellites, city-wide sensor networks and wearable computers.

In this talk I'll take you through recent advances in open source hardware, show a range of projects and generally demonstrate what's possible. I'll also tell you what's still difficult.

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Justin McLean photo
For playing with toys when he should be working

About Maeve Lander

New kid on the block Maeve Lander lives and breathes WordPress. Fresh out of design school (uni) in 2008, Maeve hit the ground running... and happily, crashed headlong into WordPress.

She now earns a full-time living designing themes, consulting on (and creating) WordPress projects for creative agencies all over Australia, and contributing to the WordPress project as a plugin developer.

The WordPress Window

73 million websites - 17% of all sites on the net - are built with WordPress. Not only the most popular CMS ever; also the fastest growing web publishing platform with an incredible future. Designers: throw yourself out of the window of opportunity into the thriving WordPress economy...

In this session you will learn how to enter the world of WordPress:

  • Custom theme design/development
  • Pro Theme marketplace
  • Pretty plugins - it's mostly developers building plugins, but the most successful plugins are the pretty ones! So, designers; time to make your mark.

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Maeve Lander Photo
For making it look easy

About Rori van Loggerenberg & Karl Moyse

Rori's a keen athlete. Karl is a gym junkie. What is the world coming to?

Rori is the GM at Concise Creative. He travelled Africa designing and implementing software systems for South African Breweries, produced numerous corporate websites and was a lead policy developer on web standards compliance for Anglo American Platinum. Attention to detail, perfectionism and various other character faults.

Karl can lift twice his body weight. Just saying. He's the Creative & Digital Media Manager at Concise Creative.

High end corporate design in Europe for major brands. A broad skill set including branding, graphic and web design, eMarketing and project management.

Knock, knock. Who's there?

Do you really know who's at the other end of that fabulously detailed or misspelt email? Is it worth the risk?

The uppers, downers and in-between funnies of outsourcing in the real world and how it could make or break your business.

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Rori van Loggerenberg photo Karl Moyse photo
For defying geek stereotypes

Karl's Presentation

About Pia Waugh

Pia Waugh is an open government and open data ninja, working within the machine to improve  transparency and democratic engagement and drive real innovation in the public sector. She believes tech culture has a huge role to play in better policy planning, outcomes, public engagement and a better public service all round. She is also trying to generate greater public benefit from publicly funded data, software and research.

Breakfast: Government as an API

Pia will discuss the role of government in a digital society, and how "Government as an API" can improve policy, public debate, industry innovation, accountability and democracy. You'll hear what she learned through open data and data visualisation trips to Finland and New Zealand, and through recent conversations with Tim Berners-Lee.

Conference: Online Engagement

Pia will cover the black art of online engagement, including the strategic application of social media tools and other web 2.0 tools to policy collaboration, public communication of tricky issues, codesign of projects or policy and the use of data visualisation in establishing a compelling public narrative. She will discuss her Public Sphere methodology which applies to any form of public engagement strategy, regardless of how online or offline your stakeholders may be. Finally, she will tackle the never-ending question of how to deal with trolls.

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Pia Waugh photo
For giving things away

About Vivienne Conway

Vivienne Conway is completing a PhD in website accessibility at Edith Cowan University, assessing the accessibility of a large number of Australian websites in an effort to determine the outcome of Australian's National Transition Strategy. Vivienne is also the Director of Web Key IT in Perth, which offers website accessibility consulting, training, auditing and accreditation and remediation of web-based documents.

She's also an Invited Expert on a number of W3C Working Groups including the Research and Development Working Group and the WCAG Evaluation Methodology Task Force.


Dr Scott Hollier is a Project Manager and the WA Manager for Media Access Australia, a not-for-profit, public benevolent institution. Scott's work focuses on making computers and Internet-related technologies accessible to people with disabilities.

He represents MAA on the Advisory Committee of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), the organisation primarily responsible for developing and promoting access to media through technology for people with disabilities.

Dr Hollier has a background in Computer Science and is legally blind.


Bank Accessibility Report

Are banks are meeting the accessibility needs of the community?

Vivienne Conway and Dr Scott Hollier have been looking at major Australian bank websites to determine their accessibility for people with disabilities.

The research uncovers the most prevalent problems and identifies the best and worst performers in the group.

Vivienne will discuss how to use the new Accessibility Priority Tool along with WCAG 2.0 compliance checking. Developed by Roger Hudson of Web Usability, this tool has been designed to help web content developers and organisations identify and correct issues that could reduce web accessibility. It may help you decide which issues you should address now and which you might be able to leave until a little later.

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Vivienne Conway photo
For going on and on about accessibility as if it's really important

Vivienne's Presentation

About Senator Scott Ludlam

Senator Scott Ludlam is a qualified graphic designer who ran a design and animation consultancy between 1996 and 2001. Since then he has continued to apply his design skills to environmental and social justice campaigns, and more recently to politics, after completing postgraduate studies in sustainability policy.

Scott is an Australian Greens Senator for WA, holding the national portfolios of sustainable cities, infrastructure, communications, heritage, housing and nuclear issues.

Before entering parliament, Scott applied his design skills to activism and advocacy. As a Senator, he has continued to explore ways in which data visualisation, mapping and 3D modelling can help build the case for a more sustainable society.

In recent times, Scott's team has used apps, animation, digital maps and film to bring together art, activism and politics.

Design for change

Scott will join us in the unconferencing session offering a unique take on the space that lies at the intersection of art, activism and politics.

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Scott Lundlam

What's it all about?

Experts, stirrers, involvement and issues. A conference designing the future of our industry. Influence each other. Learn stuff. Party.

Register now!

  • For Web Devs

    Keynote: John Allsopp, the Once and Future Web

    Influential author, software developer, designer, fast-talking educator, industry legend. After 15 years shaping the industry, his first time at a conference in Perth. He'll describe the two forces that have underpinned our current paradigms and outline the foundational principles of what is to come.

    And we'll be asking you to share your views on outsourcing. For those not competing on price, what’s your business strategy? Miles BurkeJane Farrow and Rori & Karl will frame that discussion.

    Justin McLean on Arduino and the Internet of Things. John Bristowe on faster web sites. Silvio Montanari on Single Page Web Apps. Christian Frichot on browser security, Darcy Laycock on APIs, Evan Cunningham-Dunlop on SEO; Peter Webb on Android.

  • For Digital Agencies

    Ryan Holiday  is the Marketing Director for American Apparel. He’s also a media strategist and the author of Trust Me, I’m Lying. It’s a book about manipulating the media through blogs. Disclaimer: we’re totally not looking for advice in that area.

    You'll want Troy Dean on measuring the ROI of social media, the business models session, Miles Burke on the 3 evils of digital agencies, Marc Lehmann on design thinking, Bret Treasure on what psychology can teach us about web design and Keith Critchett with actual, successful social media case studies.

    Between now and EOTW, AWIA will have launched Widelines, our Code of Conduct. It'll sort wheat from chaff and it's potentially a marketing asset. You'll want to get across it. 

  • For Creatives

    Dom Bartolo from 21-19; one of the world's top designers.

    Saasu founder Marc Lehmann will talk about how they re-aligned visually and ideologically.

    Design A-lister Samantha Thebridge - (ex-Atlassian), perhaps the most experienced design skills coach in the country.

    Chris Lienert  on forms that people don't hate.

    Plus Wordpress plugin developer Maeve Lander on theme development and UX maven Will Donovan.

    Get involved! We will license graphic designer delegates who want to create Port80 merchandise. With permission, any fun or cute phrase tweeted on Day#1 could be a Port80 T-Shirt on Day#2. 

    We’ll split the proceeds, with designers taking the bulk. Help make Port80 the baddest meetup in the Australiosphere. MUST HAVE uber-cool geek shirts.

  • For Entrepreneurs

    The heavy-hitters in the Perth startup scene. Startup Weekend, Founder Institute, Morning Startup Group... these groups are adding structure and improving success rates. Or are they? Some deconstruction of what's actually happening here; moderated by Isaak Dury. Attendees risk exposed to enthusiasm. 

    Peter Webb  is one of the most talked-about characters in the Sydney IT consulting scene. Original and off-the-chart irreverent, describing the Android Market Experience. 

    Successful entrepreneurs John Allsopp and Marc Lehmann also on show. 

  • For Futurists

    Will Donovan  leads us into some design thinking about the industry itself. Seriously. How can we improve our reputation, standards, job satisfaction and income?[If you’re doing strategy with clients, you should definitely see how this guy runs a collaborative workshop.]

    We’re designing a set of futures for the web industry at this conference. Create a little history with us in Will's session. 

    And suck up some of the futures these guys are creating:

Program - Thursday 14th

7.30am Registration opens
8.45am Welcome then keynote by Marc Lehmann
10.00am Morning Tea
10.20am Design
Bret Treasure
What Kahneman says about
online marketing
Troy Dean
Science: meet social media
Silvio Montanari
Single Page JS Web Apps
11.20am Break  Webb's law
11.40am Business
Peter Webb
The Android Market Experience
Keith Critchett
Actual successes in social
John Bristowe
The need for speed
12.40pm Lunch
1.25pm Design & Business
Jane Farrow & Rori van Loggerenberg
What's YOUR strategy?
Christian Frichot
BeEF: The Browser 
Exploitation Framework
2.30pm   Development
Vivienne Conway
Bank Accessibility Report
3.10pm Afternoon Tea Insurance Q&A
3.30pm Design, Business & Development
Isaak Dury
WA Startup Scene
Miles Burke
The NO Case: outsourcing is your ticket to unemployment
Gian Wild
Allies in accessibility
4.30pm Ryan Holiday - Trust Me, I'm Lying
5.35pm Drinks in the saloon

Program - Friday 15th

Breakfast with Pia Waugh - Government as an API

Join Pia Waugh for breakfast on the Friday as she discusses improving government in a digital society. More info.

8.45am Welcome then Keynote by Domenico Bartolo
10.00am Morning Tea - AWIA Legal & Travel
10.20am Design
Samantha Thebridge
The Art of Letting Go: Developers CAN design
Zoe Cowan
Getting the bastards out of bed
Darcy Laycock
APIs and the Interconnected 
11.20am Break Troy on pricing  
11.40am Design
Samantha Thebridge
The Art of Letting Go: Developers CAN design (continued)
John Allsopp
The Once and Future Web
Evan Cunningham-Dunlop
Fundamental change in SEO; Carnage & Opportunity
12.40pm Lunch    
1.25pm Design
Maeve Lander
Jo Lim
Anyone for .tennis?
Chris Lienert
Web forms that people don't hate
2.25pm Break    
2.30pm Design & Business
Will Donovan
Design The Future
4 x 20 min slots
3.50pm Afternoon Tea  
4.05pm Design & Business
Will Donovan
Design the future (continued)
Pia Waugh
Online Engagement
Justin McLean
The Internet of Things
5.20pm Wrap    
5.35pm Drinks in the saloon    

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